Ecofetti Sample Set (Choose Up to 10)

Ecofetti Sample Set (Choose Up to 10)

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Number of Rice Whites:

Number of Watermelons:

Number of Pretty Pinks:

Number of Peaches:

Numbers of Dandelions:

Number of Green Apples :

Number of Ices:

Number of Aquas:

Number of True Blues:

Number of Grapes:

Number of Orchids:

Number of Snow Whites:

Number of Charcoals:

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Colors will vary depending on your monitor, so this is a great way to know what each color looks like in person.

Unfortunately, we are unable to mix custom colors for samples; however, you are welcome to perform some color-mixing science with your chosen colors when they arrive!

Have fun!

Please visit Solid Rice Cut Ecofetti and/or Snow Cut Ecofetti for full descriptions.

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